Firecracker Chicken

by Nick EvansApril 9, 2018 Jump to Recipe Firecracker Chicken DinnerChineseChicken Sweet and spicy Firecracker Chicken is a Chinese takeout staple! Make it at home in less time it takes to order and have it delivered. Photography Credit: Nick Evans I’m not sure that you’ll find anything exactly like this Firecracker Chicken if you actually…

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Pressure Cooker Chinese Pulled Pork

by Coco Morante February 5, 2018 Jump to Recipe Pressure Cooker Chinese Pulled Pork Instant PotPressure CookerChinesePork Chinese Pulled Pork in the pressure cooker! This is a sweet and spicy twist on pulled pork, perfect for piling on buns, adding to tacos, or making traditional Chinese steamed buns. Photography Credit: Coco Morante Five fragrant spices…

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