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9 Baking Tools That Will Make Your Life Better

It’s the time of year when the kitchen seems to have a permanent dusting of flour on all surfaces. I sort of give up on deep cleaning until the cookie season has ended. Sound familiar?! If you love to bake and are constantly in the kitchen with the oven on, then I think you deserve…

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10 Tools You Need for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

The time is nigh. Thanksgiving just around the corner. Do you have everything you need?! Thanksgiving is a food lover’s paradise — a time to gather and do nothing but eat. The key to a stress-free holiday is planning: A few weeks before Turkey Day, it’s wise to get your game together and figure out…

12 Essential Tools That We Can’t Live Without

Did you know that every single recipe on Simply Recipes goes through a rigorous process of development, testing, and editing before it gets shared on the site? It’s true! We want to make sure you’re only getting the very best when it comes to your meals and desserts. Given the fact that our team of…

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